A special place to be together!
When do we meet? 
Join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. at 14 Green Street, Charlestown, MA [ map ]
Who are we? 
We are a multi-ethnic church with a heavy Brazilian flavor. We are part of the Baptist Convention of New England, Greater Boston Baptist Association, and we cooperate with North American Mission Board to plant churches in Boston and North America as well as the International Mission Board to support missionaries around the world.
What do we believe?
– The Bible –
We believe that the Bible is the final authority in all matters
pertaining to Christian faith and practice.
– God –
We believe there is only one living and true God,
perfect, infinite and eternal.

– Humanity –
We believe that human beings were created by God but we have alienated
ourselves from Him and we are in need of reconciliation.

– Jesus Christ –
We believe that God became man in the person of Jesus Christ and that
Jesus Christ is both completely divine and completely human.

– Holy Spirit –
We believe that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity
and that He empowers us for life and service.

– Salvation –
We believe that through the gift of Jesus’ death on the cross our rebellion
can be forgiven, and through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ we can be reconciled to God.

– The Church –
We believe that the Church is universal and that it is manifested locally through
companies of Christ followers, meeting together as the “Bride of Christ.”

– Ordinances –
We believe that both Baptism and The Lord’s Supper are visible signs of the realities
of salvation. We are commanded to observe them, but we do not depend on them for salvation.
Last thing: We believe that Christ will return at God’s appointed time!
menMENS MINISTRY – Our men gather regularly for time of fellowship and devotion. In all our meetings we encourage men to live by Biblical standards, as servants, husbands, fathers, leaders, and role models. Come join us to grow in Christ, and encourage each other to become better men for our church, our homes, and our daily lives.

WOMENS MINISTRY – Our women meet regularly for time of fellowship and prayer with each other. Women are encouraged to live by Biblical standards, as servants, wives, mothers, leaders, and role models. Come join us to grow in Christ, and encourage each other to become better women for our church, our homes, and our daily lives.women
bmetro768BOSTON METRO – Boston Metro is our youth ministry that was started three years ago. Along with the fun and celebrations, through it we have been able to impact many teenage lives, and teach them the way to a holy life. Come join us every Friday night at 7:30 for a time of worship, fellowship, and fun.
PLUG-IN – Collegian ministry that was created to help the new college students to find themselves based on what the Bible says. We have been able to impact many youth lives through our meetings.
COMMUNITY GROUPS – These groups meet in various locations once a week. Each study is led by a member of the church, and the topic is currently discipleship. Each person receives a small book and is able to find the Biblical text, and fill out his/her answer to each question. The locations are spread out so that access is easy for anyone. Find one closest to you and join.
CELEBRATION KIDS – Our Children’s ministry is constantly growing. Each holiday there is a special performance by the kids, and each Sunday a different craft is made according to the Bible story they learned. Help is needed in this area to continue teaching the children on Sundays. Talk to one of our leaders to see how you can help.kids
WORSHIP MINISTRY – We start off each service with praise and worshippreaching through song. Each week, the songs are carefully chosen by our worship leader. There is a rotating schedule on who sings each week, but we could always use more people willing to stand up front and lead us in worship. If you know how to play an instrument, and want to join, there are always open areas.
SOLID GROUND BJJ is a martial arts (jiujitsu) program sponsored by Celebration Church. We have classes every Saturday at 10:30am at 10 green st Charlestown MA.



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14 Green St. Charlestown, MA